Best Horror books of all time

As long as the horror genre is a concern there are many people who love to read horror books because they think it helps them to explore to the next level. The best horror novels are something which just not only scares you but also invades many ways about life and ways to explore themselves.

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Red Dragon by Thomas Harris - Top Horror Books

Red Dragon by Thomas Harris

It is one of the most horrifying novels of evils that is suggested by anyone is this, as the book is all about demons which can grow in humans only. It also depicts that heroes also carry monsters in them. In each Lecter, you will notice a Faustian bargain and nothing is tragic than an FBI criminal profiler.

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Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray - Horror Novels

Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray

One of the best horror novels is Oscar’s first novel where you won’t able to find any particular or real villain in the picture. The danger of this book lies in the capacity of vanity and how metaphorically disfigure the readers. It also made us understand that how obsession will hold into beauty and gradually lead to its destruction. The central character of this novel is Dorain himself who is a youthful person and he has made believed that the only thing to hold on to in a person is beautiful.

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Horns by Joe Hill - Top Horror Novels

Horns by Joe Hill

Sometimes even in horror here is something to find a tender thing. In this case, you will get completely unique as well as entirely the book is about taking the revenge story before it becomes more sprawling, knotty or about any hope. Horns thus, is also a gothic romance, a mystery of murder, a thriller and a biting satire despite the darkness that prevails on the entire book.

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The Exorcist - All Time Horror Books

The Exorcist

The best horror stories are those on the ones whom we believe, through the death, scary jumps and at last the triumph of goodness. Thus, this is considered as one of the terrifying novels and how the central characters are carefully getting a mention in it.
The evil which they battle against is incomprehensible and the characters in the novel get the power from the hard-won victory of a small group of people who sacrificed everything for an innocent child.

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Stephen King’s Misery - Horror Books

Stephen King’s Misery

In this book, you will get the intoxicating combination of anger, sadness in every section of Misery. In this book, the author is trying to move away from mainstream horror and it’s more about the thriller. In this story, the writer tried to explore the nature of how the writing itself became hostage from a fan torturing so that, the writer writes whatever she wants and convincing him that she is the right person for him.

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