Haunted Places in Indiana

Haunted places in Indiana are some of the most spooky and eerie sites around. Whether it’s a derelict plantation, an abandoned mental hospital or even a ghost town, these places are guaranteed to thrill you with their tales of the supernatural. Ever since the gold rush of the 1800s, Indiana has been home to some truly mysterious and creepy locations. Here are just a couple of our favorites Haunted Places in Indiana.

The Mystery Spot in Anderson - Haunted Places in Indiana

The Mystery Spot in Anderson

The Mystery Spot in Anderson is an eerie place of strange happenings and unexplained phenomena. Visitors have reported feeling like they’re moving out of their bodies and even seeing ghosts and other spirits! Many locals believe it to be the site of a UFO crash. One of the fascinating things about this place is that no two experiences are the same. Some people see things that others don’t, and some visitors even say that they’ve experienced time traveling or teleportation. When you visit The Mystery Spot, be sure to come with an open mind – you’ll never know what to expect!

Delphinium Hills Cemetery in Mitchell - Haunted Places in Indiana

Delphinium Hills Cemetery in Mitchell

Delphinium Hills Cemetery in Mitchell is one of Indiana’s most intriguing and mysterious sites. It’s rumored to have been the scene of several paranormal activities over the years, including the ghost of a young child who has been known to play catch with visitors in the cemetery’s nearby woods! According to local legend, a little girl is buried here and it appears her spirit still resides at the cemetery to this day. Whether you believe in ghost stories or not, there’s no denying that this place has a mysterious atmosphere – it’s absolutely worth a visit if you’re in the area!

The Granary Building in Indianapolis - Haunted Places in Indiana

The Granary Building in Indianapolis

Believe it or not, the Granary Building in downtown Indianapolis used to be used as a prison for solitary confinement! Now the building is used for everything from weddings to corporate events and everything in between. However, its history certainly lends it an air of mystery, and many believe that the building is haunted by the spirits of its former inmates. If you visit this building at night, you may find yourself feeling uneasy – it definitely has a bit of an “eerie” vibe to it!

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Hacienda Restaurant in Noblesville - Haunted Places in Indiana

Hacienda Restaurant in Noblesville

Another one of Indiana’s most haunted restaurants is the Hacienda Restaurant in Noblesville. According to many locals, this restaurant is home to a ghost named Frederick who always sits in the same booth and makes a lot of noise by rattling his silverware! Although Frederick is a bit of an annoyance, he is also known to leave patrons little gifts from time to time – he often leaves them silver coins worth ten cents a piece. His mischievous antics make this restaurant a great place for date night – just don’t let the ghosts scare you away!

Avon Haunted Brigde - Haunted Places in Indiana

Avon Haunted Bridge

Halloween is the perfect time to visit Avon’s haunted bridge! The bridge was built in the 1800s and has reportedly been the site of numerous ghost sightings ever since. Many visitors have reported seeing shadowy figures walking across the bridge at night and even hearing mysterious voices coming from the darkness! The bridge is said to have become home to hundreds of restless spirits who roam its shadow-filled darkness in search of answers to their eternal questions. This eerie spot is certainly a must-see for fans of paranormal activity – you won’t be disappointed if you check it out this Halloween season!

These were the Top Haunted Places in Indiana, but there’s plenty more to explore if you want to venture out on a ghost-hunting expedition! Make sure to read my next post to find out which spooky locations made the list and where you can find them!

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