Haunted Places in The USA

Looking for something interesting to do with your friends! And planning a trip with your friends to somewhere in the USA? If the answer is yes, then wait for some time because we are here to help you to find those places where you should avoid visiting. Maybe you do not believe in ghosts or spiritual things but there are some places where you throb with fear no matter how brave you are! Here are some Most Haunted Places in The USA.

There are many most haunted places in America where you should not walk alone. Here are the places below …

The Stanley Hotel - Most Haunted Places in The USA

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado:

Some places of this hotel will give you goosebumps and can make you feel some energy around you. The hotel opened in 1909 and it was very famous at that time. But there is a mysterious piano tune that has been connected to the hotel, which makes you realize something wrong and negative.

Winchester Mystery House - Most Haunted Places in The USA

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California:

This house is one of the most problematic formation projects in history. You can say this is one of the haunted places in America.Sarah Winchester is one of the owners of that house. Her husband and her child died in this house very shockingly. And she gets to know that her family was killed by negative energy.

St. Augustine Lighthouse - Haunted Places in The USA

St. Augustine Lighthouse, Florida:

This famous lighthouse is a haunted place in the USA. Annually there are many visitors near about 225, 000 people but it is also known as otherworldly visitors. This place is full of paranormal activities and the most shocking incident was when the lighthouse keeper’s death while painting the tower.

Poinsett Bridge - Most Haunted Places in the USA

Poinsett Bridge , Greenville , South Carolina:

This is the oldest bridge in South Carolina and it is also known as one of the topmost haunted spots. A ghost is a man who died in a car accident there in the 1950s and another one is who died during the construction. Visitors who already visited that place had experienced some paranormal activities.

Whaley House - Haunted Places in the USA

Whaley House , San Diego , California:

Thomas Whaley named man build his house in 1857 in San Diego. After a few days he noticed some not so normal things in his house, like heavy footsteps. Behind this accident there is another story about a thief who was hanging on the site four years ago before this house was built. And Whaley’s family is also ended like this type of suicide case.

Dock Street Theatre, Charleston, South Carolina :

This is the oldest theatre in America which was destroyed after a fire burned. The most effective spirit here is Nettie Dickerson who was stuck while this incident. Coming in at the top of the list to last places of the USA which is known as the most haunted place is very active with negative energy.

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