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The Bhangarh Fort is the 17th-century fort, situated in Rajasthan, India. This fort is situated on the border of Sariska Reserve within the Aravali and varies in the city named Alwar, situated in Rajasthan. This fort is fully surrounded by hills and trees and is situated in hilly areas.

The Bhangarh Fort is open until 6:00 PM for tourists and is known as one of the most haunted places in India.

Story About This Place

There are two stories of Bhangarh Fort by making this for one of the Most Haunted Places in India.

  • The first story is that there was a Sadhu named Baba Balanath who lived on the top mountains of Bhangarh Fort. It had been his injunction on the Bhangarh Fort that if any of the houses have been taller than his house and if the shadow of any house is falling on his house, then it would lead to the destruction of the Bhangarh Fort.
  • Another story is that there is a baba who was in love with the Rani (princess) of Bhangarh Fort. The princess’s name was Rani Ratnawati. She was very beautiful. One day the princess went shopping and was buying itter (scent). The baba who loved her suddenly changed that itter with some another itter in which he has done black magic (that princess fall love with her). Somehow the princess came to know about this, that some black magic is done, so she suddenly threw that itter on a mountain. After that, the piece of mountain in which the itter was thrown, started rolling towards that Baba who had done that black magic and crushed him.

So, at that time before the baba died, he cursed that the Bhangarh Fort would destroy soon the nobody will be able to live in this fort. Succeeding the curse, Bhangarh Fort was invaded by Mughals. Around 10,000 individuals who lived within the fort were killed.
After this incident, no one has lived in this fort, and many paranormal Activities and proven that many souls are still moving in this Fort. Due to all these activities, Bhangarh Fort is known as one of the most haunted forts in India.

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