Delhi Cantt


Delhi Cantonment (popularly known as Delhi Cantt) is one of the famous places in Delhi, India. It was established in 1914. Till February 1938, the Delhi Cantt Board Delhi was referred to as the Cantt authority. The area covered by this place is approx. 10,521 acres.

Apart from being such a famous place in Delhi, there are also some Top haunted places for Delhi Cantt. Many people have experienced some paranormal activities here. And due to all these paranormal activities, today this place is also known as one of the Most Haunted Places in India.

Story About This Place

Delhi cantonment road is really a terrifying place for those who had seen this eerie ghost woman. Several drivers on the night had undergone the nightmare along with her memory. Over one hundred individuals have seen that woman of Delhi Cantt road, 10-12 of them have died. The woman ghost usually appears and disappears in front of the eyes of victims, those that had her expertise. They felt she usually tried to make them nervous and afraid. Even she knocked on the door if the vehicles raise its speed too.

Some individuals claim maybe that woman died in a car accident on Cantt road or even she was a hitchhiker in her life. Anyway, everybody on that specific road is strictly suggested, to not stop the vehicle if somebody asks for a lift. With this strange incidence, that space becomes one among the scariest places in Delhi and gets this real Indian ghost story.

Gallery Of Delhi Cantt

Location Of This Place

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