Dumas Beach


Dumas Beach is the urban beach which along with the Arabian Sea. It is situated 21 kilometers South-west of Surat Beach, in Gujarat, India. It is approx. sixteen kilometers from Athwa Gate and twenty-one kilometers from Surat City. At present, it is known as one of the most famous tourist spots in Gujarat, India.
But alongside tourist spots, it is also known as one of the most Haunted Places in India.

According to locals of that place, this place was once used to be a Hindu graveyard and because of this reason, the sand of this beach contains sand with a black texture. Individuals have also said that they have heard some strange whispers and laughter at midnight.

So, because of all this reason along with tourist place, it is also known as one of The Most Haunted Places in India.

Story About this Place:

It has been said that this place was used as the graveyard by Hindus for several years and because of this reason there are several spirits reside here. It has been said that if you will walk to the beach at midnight, you will hear many whispers of people talking, but no one will be around. In some articles, on the internet, the disappearance of individuals is also mention. And it is clearly said that this place is full of spirits of dead people. Many locals and tourists have complained that they had heard some noises and whisper when they were walking, but no one was around.

And another complaint is that some dogs that sleep in a neighbor of Dumas Beach also start barking at night and howl at midnight for no reason. And even when some people try to visit this place at night, dogs try to stop them to continue inside.

This place is full of Paranormal activities, once the sun goes down.

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Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach is situated in Gujrat and is one of the most famous spot of Gujrat. But apart for being famous, it is also knows as One of the Most