Don’t Breathe 2


Rodo Sayagues


Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues


Stephen Lang, Madelyn Grace, Brendan Sexton III


Don’t Breathe 2 directed by RodoSayagues is all about the intruders that are planning to reach the Phoenix at any cost for fulfilling a specific agenda. The Blind Man is an interesting character in this movie. He is trying his best to save the young girl with whom he had remained isolated for years.

After getting kidnapped by some criminals, he is on his way to tap into an even darker space for further saving her. The Blind Man lives in solace until he can recall every sin caused by him during the past days. The solid turns and twists until the end are something remarkable.


In Don’t Breathe 2, there are several twists and turns associated that will keep the viewers thrilled till the end. The addition of the character by the little girl has marked history in the minds of all. Both the choreography and photography are highly effective and strategic all along the movie.

The desperation of the characters regarding fighting for their survival is something highly remarkable. The catching of the girl between the sets of two bad people and the villainous roles of the rest characters are remarkable. The cleverly scripted movie has finally turned out to be a sleeper hit with some unforgettable outings.

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