Don’t Breathe


Fede Alvarez


Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues


Stephen Lang, Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette


Don’t Breathe is a highly intense and gripping thriller directed by Fede Alvarez. Released in 2016, it is still popular among youngsters. There are three Detroit thieves namely Rocky, Money, and Alex who break into the houses of rich people. A day comes when they try to invade the house of a blind veteran who recently lost his only child.

During their action, they find themselves trapped inside. They fight hard for their lives as they seem helpless. Frequent violence is inclusive of borderline abuse accompanied by torture. Strong languages, drinking of liquor, and smoking are some remarkable actions involved in the movie.


Don’t Breathe is all about whatever you need to take out completely. You will not be able to miss a single line of the movie until the end as it is full of suspense and actions. The repeated punching of the heroine by a muscular psychopath is something shocking. The camera has been used just like a stealth of weapon for exploring dark corners and hidden areas of the house.

The viewers need to hold their breath at the time of watching the movie. The highly predictable movie with a great thriller will let you enjoy every move until they can come out safely of the trap.

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