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A married couple in the film “The Dead” experiences epiphanies at a festive holiday dinner held in Ireland at the beginning of the twentieth century. The socially inefficient Gabriel Conroy (acted by Donal McCann) along with his reserved wife named Gretta (acted by Anjelica Huston) reflect on the memories of their marriage at the residence of the spinster aunts of Gabriel who happen to be Kate (acted by Helena Carroll) and Julia (acted by Cathleen Delaney). They also talk about the reminiscences of Gretta of their first love and its significance to both of them for living and loving. The final movie of director John Huston is an authentic adaptation of the short story authored by James Joyce.


The movie “The Dead” follows the story almost impeccably. However, several details have been transposed which you can understand while watching the movie. The turning point of the film arrives when everybody is leaving. There is one particular line mentioned in the story which nobody including Huston could get into a movie since it isn’t the thought of Gabriel, but the thought of Joyce. The film is going to end in sadness; however, it happens to be one of the best romantic films out there made in recent times. In case all these sad things would have been true, then those could be communicated with poetry and grace in a movie as forgiving and quiet as the falling snow.

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