The Tell Tail Heart


McClain Lindquist


John Lindquist (Dialogue Writer), McClain Lindquist (adaptation), Edgar Allan Poe(story Writer)


Sonny Grimsley, James C. Morris, Mikah Olsen


Revisiting Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell Tale Heart is more than bringing a classic horror story to a new audience; it’s discovering a creative way to explore this classic psychological thriller. The crazed narrative is enhanced through an unpredictable use of shocking sound and stunning light. The odd characters blend a modern sensibility with anachronistic charm as seen through an unsettling array of time and space, all the while a shifting setting disorients the unwitting audience. What is seen and what is heard leads the perplexed audience to ask – what is insanity and what truly constitutes reality?


The Tell Tail Heart is one of the best concepts I have ever seen. It is a perfect Thriller Short Movie that will allow you to examine madness and wickedness at the depths of the human soul. This movie is based on a psychological tale and is a perfect movie for you if you love horror and thriller stuff.

The video editing, audio effects, the way of presenting, and the concept of present the movie all were perfect. And the best part was about the Narrator. Sonny Grimsley was narrating the movie in such an amazing way that it adds some spooky vibes to the movie.

Overall the movie was amazing and oscar-winning. If you are a horror and thriller movie lover, then this movie will be one of the best movies for you.

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