Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Delhi is one of the most populous cities in India and it’s no wonder that there are so many haunted places in the city. Here are five of the most haunted places in Delhi.

Red Fort - Most Haunted Places in Delhi

Red Fort

This fort, which is close to the modern-day parliament building in Delhi, is said to be one of the most haunted places in the city. People who have visited the fort say that they can often hear mysterious voices and that there are spots in the building where lights turn on by themselves. There are also a number of legends surrounding the Red Fort and these may have inspired the paranormal activity at the site.

Safdarjung Tomb - Top Haunted Places in Delhi

Safdarjung Tomb

Another place that is thought to be haunted is the Safdarjung Tomb which is located in south Delhi. The tomb was constructed in the 1800s and it is considered to be one of India’s most historic tombs. It is frequently visited by tourists and locals and this makes it a prime location for paranormal activity. Many people who visit the tomb claim that they feel a strong sense of evil presence when they enter the site and there are even reports of strange noises and mysterious flickering lights that appear without warning.

Chandni Chowk Delhi - Most Haunted Places in Delhi

Chandni Chowk

The Chandni Chowk is another of the city’s most popular markets and it is located close to New Delhi Railway Station. It is believed that the market is one of the most haunted places in Delhi and it is said that many people have been possessed by evil spirits while shopping in the area. A number of incidents have been reported in recent years and many people have reportedly experienced physical manifestations of these spirits. For example, people have seen shadowy figures walking through the aisles of the market and they have also been struck by invisible hands while trying to shop in the place. A store clerk at the market has even claimed that she saw the spirits of three men hanging from a hook in the store’s ceiling and she could hear their voices speaking an unknown language while she was at work in the store one day.

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Old Parliament House - Top Haunted Places in Delhi

Old Parliament House

The Old Parliament House in Delhi is also considered to be one of the most haunted places in the city and many people believe that it is haunted by the ghosts of Mahatma Gandhi and several other important Indian historical figures. It is believed that many people have died on the site and it has been the site of a number of horrific crimes throughout history. It has been said that restless spirits roam the halls of the building at night and they are known to harass the people who work there. Some people claim to have seen the spirits of dead politicians walking around in the building while others have heard strange voices calling out to them while they are inside the building. The building is now officially known as the Sansad Bhavan and it is used as the meeting place for the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha.

Qutub Minar - Haunted Stories in Delhi

Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar is India’s most famous historical monument and it is located in Old Delhi. It is believed to be the home of an evil spirit named Arson Khan and he was allegedly buried at the site by the Mughal Emperor Babur. It is said that the spirit of Arson Khan still haunts the site and it is known to frighten visitors and locals alike. Many people have reported seeing ghostly apparitions while exploring the site and they also claim to have heard voices calling for help at night while they were exploring the ruins. Some reports even claim that people have witnessed violent episodes while inside the tower and that they have been attacked in an act of pure violence while they were standing near the structure.

So these 5 places are Most Haunted Places in Delhi that are popular with tourists and locals alike because of their intriguing stories and haunting tales. If you are planning to visit Delhi then it is a good idea to try and check out these places for yourself because they are definitely worth a visit and you definitely won’t regret visiting them if you do decide to visit them!

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