Most haunted places in India that you should avoid a visit

When we hear about any haunted place, an automatic curiosity grows within us. The curiosity to know about the place, why it is haunted. What is the reason behind the place, and many more questions come to our minds? In our country, multiple haunted places are there which are haunted and abandoned and not allowed to visit there also. But we humans are full of inquisitiveness. So we go to those places, too, where we should not just unfold the hidden stories. Here we will mention some of the top most haunted places in India that you should avoid visiting; let’s start.

Bhangarh Fort - Most haunted places in India

Rajasthan Bhangarh Fort

All of us are aware of Rajasthan’s Bhangarh Fort. This is considered one of the spookiest places in Rajasthan. The famous place is the reputed haunted place and scariest too beyond your imagination. As per the history of Bhangarh, A Tantrik fell in love with the Rajasthan princess Ratnavati. When finally, she came to know about this, she didn’t like that, and the Tantrik was killed. But before death, the tantric cursed the city. Now the city is inhabitable. Many people have seen the footprint of a woman. SO if you are planning to visit this place then try to make it in the daytime, because after sunset you will not be allowed to enter the place.

Ramoji Film City - Top haunted places in India

Hyderabad Ramoji film city

“Ramoji” is a popular film city. It is the largest film complex in India. But there are many controversies about this place and considered as one of the top Horror places in India a Few years ago one eye witness said that the room light turns on automatically, some marks are seen on the mirror, foods are scattered on the floor. People believe that the film city is surrounded by ghost spirits. Some typical odd marks are seen on the floor.

Agrasen ki baoli - Most haunted places in India

New Delhi – Agrasen ki Baoli

From the name itself, we can understand that Maharaja Agrasen was the founder of Agrasen ki Baoli. It was made for water conservation. At that time, mostly no one knew that this Baoli would turn into a haunted place, and people were not invited to visit the place. The Baoli is full of spooky haunted stories. Whoever visits the thereafter sunset gets scared due to the swampiness and the darkness. Also, some people say that if you go there after the evening, you will feel a paranormal activity there. If you are willing to visit Haunted places in India, this place can be a thrilling one. If you are a haunted book lover, then you can buy a book from Here you will get important information about the haunted place. The Prices of these books are less than the market. So if you are interested in shopping online, is the most trustable place to buy books. Here you will get various collections of haunted stories. Some people love to read about haunted places. That type of book is too available here.

Mukesh Mill - Top haunted places in India

Mukesh Mill

In 1980 due to an unforeseen accident, the mill got closed, and the mill becomes a haunted place. People have felt many Creepy things in Mukesh Mill. If you want to visit these places before you collect all the details about the place and then start your journey.

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