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You will find so broadly content writing on this specific topic and some are very scary! But these haunted house attractions are fairly common in the world. As some people want to experience a real ghost around them. And for those, many houses in America are known as the haunted house. There are many Top Haunted Houses in America.

Especially the stories behind those houses are very interesting. So anyone interested in ghost hunting, this article is going to be very helpful for them. As here we will discuss some hunted houses in America that you may visit once at your own risk.

Bell witch cave: Adams (One of the Top Haunted House in America)

Bell witch cave: Adams (One of the Top Haunted House in America)

The incident is in the early 1800s, John Bell brought a house beside a tiny river. And with the family, Bell was very happy in his house. Suddenly one day, they notice a strange animal beside their house. And that animal attacks Bell and his daughter hardly.

After that, they started experiencing some unexplainable noise and some other unnatural things. So if you want to experience it then make a choice but at your own risk. As the haunting is backed. We will suggest packing your best camera and can record your all experience.

The Whaley House Museum: California (Top Haunted Places in The USA)

The Whaley House Museum: California

Let’s go back to 1852, James Robinson hang by the neck for some criminal reason. After that, Thomas build a house there and then when they started living there, they feel and hear footsteps around their house. But when they came out, there is no one!

Not only Thomas, but his all family members are also feeling and know the appearance of someone. And the US commerce department classified the house as the most hunted house. So if you are looking for some thrill then you can go for a night tour of the house once.

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House Of Death: New York (Most Haunted House in America)

House Of Death: New York (Most Haunted House in America)

As the name, this house has the most desirable real ghost stories in it. As per the real incident, this house is hunted by 22 people who lived or died within the house including a little girl. In New York City, this house is known as the most haunted house.

The hunted history of this house is documented in an author book. Where the author shares her own experience of living in that house. This building is a private apartment so you will not able to go into the interior. But for gaining some experience you can try to visit there at least once.

The White House - Most Haunted Houses in America

The White House: Washington

The White House has known a house of the President but there are some very unnatural stories of that house. According to the report, the first president died in this White House. And after that only these house becomes hunted.

The White House is open for the tour but when it comes to some unexpected feelings or unnatural things then you must be attentive and keep one thing in your mind that it could be risky.  

The Sallie House: Kansas - Haunted House in America

The Sallie House: Kansas

If you are interested in ghost hunting then you probably know this name. This is one of the famous haunted houses in Kansas City. This house has many stories but some are very horrible one.

Some experiences in this house are very hunted. Like light flicks, some unexplained sounds, marks, burns and some strange scratches also. Those are very scary to handle. Now, this house is offered as a self-guided for your experience or special night visit as well.

Some other hunted houses in America do not miss them at all but here we discussed some noticeable places and the stories behind them. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, some things are unnatural.

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