Top Haunted Places in Delhi

Are you among those who think that supernatural powers are limited to movies only? Do you presume that paranormal activities are nothing other than myths? If yes, then it is high time to pack your bag and make your way to Delhi, the capital city of India. Here is the list of Haunted Places in Delhi

Haunted Places in Delhi

There are some haunted places where tourists hardly dare to visit alone. Want to know about those scary spots? Here they are:

Delhi Cantt - Haunted Places in Delhi

Delhi cantonment ghost lady area

As the name speaks, the Delhi cantonment ghost lady area is one of the most haunted spots where you will hardly be able to travel alone. According to the History of the place, the lady whose ghost hovers around was killed brutally in a car accident.

There are innumerable numbers of stories related to this particular area. Some visitors say that if you fail to stop the car for her, her ghost will run after your car. If you intentionally stop your car and want to confirm the story of the place with the lady, then also you may put your life at high risk.

Dwarka Sector 9 - Haunted Places in Delhi

Dwarka sector 9 metro station

Dwarka sector 9 in Delhi is another haunted spot where you can hardly take the last metro train alone. The place has some unsettling experiences. According to some visitors, a barrage of inexplicable energy exists that may thrust on anyone anytime. It may either slap you or push you hardly due to which you may fall badly.

Some even catch the view of a lady driving along with their cars and after few seconds, the car of the lady becomes invisible. As the place becomes infested with spirits after the sunset, it is preferable to avoid this spot during nighttime. The activities of spirits are unpredictable.

Feroz Shah Fort - Haunted Places in Delhi

Feroz Shah Kotla Fort

The Feroz Shah Kotla Fort built in the 14th century during the Tughlak ers is another haunted place in Delhi. The loneliness all around is one of the drastic features of this spot. It is believed that the fort is occupied by ruffled Djinns. Surprisingly, they are invisible to the naked eyes.

Some visitors have experienced being pushed and thrashed down suddenly. Every Thursday, localites offer incense sticks to calm the Djinns dwelling in this creepy place. If they become dissatisfied with any activity, then the overall outcome may be exclusively drastic.

Chor Minar - Haunted Places in Delhi

Chor Minar

The Chor Minar in the Hauz Khas village is another haunted spot in Delhi. Though the Hauz Khas area is one of the most popular hangout spots, visiting the minar alone will be something daring. It is believed that the heads of the punished thieves during the reign of Alauddin Khalji were spiked brutally.

Even today, the spirits of those thieves are visible, especially during the night. They hover all around the place and may lead to traumatic effects on the one who spots them.

Sanjay Van - Haunted Places in Delhi

Sanjay Van

The Sanjay Van in Delhi is another scary haunted place in the Vasant Kunj area of south Delhi. The area has an old banyan tree and a peepal tree that are considered breeding places of ghosts.

According to visitors, a screaming and crying sound surround the place almost every time of the day. Some have experienced the loud cry of a kid, while others have spotted a lady in a white outfit behind the bushes.

These are some of the exclusive haunted places in Delhi where you will hardly be able to visit alone. To experience the horror effect safely, it is advisable to travel in a group of 5-7 people.

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