Ghostly Encounters in the Great White North: Haunted Sites in Ontario

Ghostly Encounters in the Great White North: Haunted Sites in Ontario

Ontario, Canada, home to such a beautiful and diverse landscape with its wonders, has been the location for many paranormal enthusiasts. Ontario is home to a range of locations, from old buildings in Toronto and Hamilton’s downtown VHA HQ to spooky natural wonderlands draped across the province. In this article, we will unpack a few of the most haunted places in Ontario that seem to bear witness still, as though they exist just around midnight.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

A Beacon of Mystery

One of the few remaining buildings from an earlier era is this 1808 lighthouse on Toronto’s Islands. The ghost of lighthouse keeper J.P. Radan Muller, who was killed here in 1815 under the most hideous circumstances, is also a legend. Whispers have long circulated that Muller was killed by soldiers in a bootlegging feud and dumped into the sand.

Haunting Manifestations

Muller’s ghost is said to wander around the grounds, especially on misty nights, and visitors as well as staff at Miss Scarborough for several years have reported sightings. Others have reported hearing unexplained footsteps and voices. Very is the place to be scared old Franklin Shoal Light with nobody around for miles is the ideal setting for ghost hunters.

The Keg Mansion

A Historic Landmark

Keg Mansion: now a thriving steakhouse, the Keg Mansion used to be owned by industrialist Hart Massey and his family. The mansion dates back to 1867, and through the generations, it has experienced many happenings, some of which are considered results of haunting.

Then you shall see such ghostly servants and apparitions as follow ragged beggars every day for alms.

The most famous haunting is that of a maid who hung herself in the mansion following the death of Massey’s daughter. Her ghostly silhouette has been spotted, but patrons and workers are upstairs in the washroom, in that hallway. Lastly, the mansion (as if it needs any more creepiness) is said to be haunted by children as well; workers have reported something like laughter and specters of ghosts playing in the main dining area.

The Old Angel Inn

A pub with a dark history

Niagara-on-the-Lake is fixated on its thriving foodie scene and homey pubs, but it also has its share of ghoulish haunts—how about the one at The Old Angel Inn? Dating back to 1789, the inn hosted revolutionary history as a key stop during War of 1812-era travels and also spawned local mythology around Captain Colin Swayze.

The Legend of Captain Swayze

According to stories passed down from house owner Captain Swayze, he was a British officer who huddled in the basement during an American assault. He was found and murdered, and it is believed his ghost haunts the inn today. Cold spots and the disembodied sound of booted footsteps moving through his home are among the many things many guests and staff have reported back as evidence of the spirit world being a reality in this case.

The Hermitage Ruins

Berken Henge: Ruins of a Romantic Tragedy

The romantic ruin was built in the 1830s in Ancaster, The Hermitage. Not a long time ago, before it was abandoned to the elements, this place had the romantic but sad background story of William Black and his impossible love affair.

Ghostly Manifestations

Guests of the hermitage have seen what is thought to be the spirit of William Black, who committed suicide by hanging himself when his hopes for love were dashed. Some people have even experienced a lot of creepy feelings, strange noises, and unusual cold spots upon investigating the ruins, particularly around those old stone walls as well as in that forest beside them.

The Screaming Tunnel

An Urban Legend Comes to Life

There is a short limestone tunnel in Neagara Falls called the Screaming Tunnel, and it has quite a horrific legend surrounding its lengthy history. Legend has it that a young girl perished in the tunnel, either by fire or drowning, depending on whose version you believe.

Paranormal Activity

Those who light a match in the tunnel claim to hear her scream, followed by their own extinguished flame. A legend combined with the chilling atmosphere still attracts adventurous individuals whoen visit this tunnel in search of something unusual, whether it be a lingering paranormal presence or just an eerie experience.

Elgin and the Winter Garden Theatre

The History-Rich Theatre

Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre, Toronto This is a double-decker theater that was constructed in 1913. Its luxurious rooms and long past have made it a haven for stories of ghosts and unexplained phenomena.

Spectral Performers

It includes long-standing stories of ghostly apparitions, including those of a former manager and a young girl. Employees and guests say they have been spooked by bizarre sounds, icy spots, and a sensation of being watched. Their ghostly presence seems to be firmly on display still, as if it were adding another dimension, an otherworld element not usually seen in the doors of a historic theater.

The Bala Bay Inn

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One example of these locations is the Bala Bay Inn, a lakeside inn in Muskoka that opened its doors to guests not long after being built in 1910. There is a legend that one previous guest offended himself or herself in one of the rooms and now haunts it.

Unsettling Encounters

Guests and employees have complained that the doors will open randomly, lights flicker all over at night, and many report feeling another person is present. Others have claimed to see a ghost of the poor guest roaming around, adding more chills up and down the reputation scale for this inn.


The haunted sites of Ontario provide a compelling and provocative link to the history and time-frame blueprint in which this province was shaped. These sites have their share of tragedy, romance, and quests for the unknown, from lighthouses to inns, tunnels, and theaters. Regardless of where you fall on the skeptic-to-true believer spectrum, touring these ghostly sightings is fun to engage with Ontario’s history and maybe get spooked in real life.

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