Haunted Lighthouses of Canada: Spirits by the Sea

Haunted Lighthouses of Canada: Spirits by the Sea

Along Canadian shorelines, these beacons of light tell their tales from long-ago times. Most are often linked to spooky stories and ghostly experiences, which makes them completely interesting for the lovers of all things that go to DC at night. In this blog, we examine some of the most haunted lighthouses in Canada while uncovering their fascinating histories and legendary ghosts.

The Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, Nova Scotia

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (beginning: 10h) Location of Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia This is one of Canada’s most recognizable lighthouses. They have an amazing lighthouse that was constructed in about 1868 on the edge of a granite outcrop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. While the lighthouse was automated in 1958, the structure remains a favorite site for visitors who come to not only witness its raw beauty but admire it as well.

Ghosts: Peggy’s Point Lighthouse in all of its natural beauty, also happens to be haunted. The Lady in Blue is considered to be one of the most well-known ghosts that haunt this lighthouse. She was a fisherman’s wife who, as local legend has it, lost her husband to the sea. The British say that heartbroken by the loss of her, she threw herself from the lighthouse rocks into to Pacific ocean held at bay beyond. Ever since, many sightings of her ghost have been documented. Both tourists and townspeople have reported seeing a woman in a blue dress wandering the rocks, particularly on stormy nights.

Eye Witness Reports: Visitors who have explored the dark corners of Appalachian State University often report experiencing a chilly sensation-even on those muggy, earth-roasting days we here in Boone know so very well. In the distance, some have heard a woman wailing in the winds. A transparent figure looking out to sea by the rocks has been seen by some. Indeed, it would seem that these accounts have merely served to deepen the mystery and myth of Peggy’s Point Lighthouse.

Lighthouse, Gibraltar Point Lighthouse (Ontario)

Origin: The oldest existing example of the lighthouse in Toronto, Canada is the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse which was built on the site in 1808. It was first and foremost designed to safely guide ships through the busy Great Lakes shipping routes into Toronto Harbour. Embodying the history of a major Canadian city, the 82-foot-tall lighthouse touches on Toronto’s cradle years.

Gibraltar Point Lighthouse was the site of one of Toronto’s most infamous ghost stories, linked with its first keeper: John Paul Radelmüller. Around 1819 or soon after, Radelmüller vanished on an unknown date under mysterious circumstances. He was probably killed by soldiers from Fort York in retaliation for the sub-par quality of bootleg beer he sold them. His body was never recovered and it is rumored that to this day his spectre walks around the lighthouse.

Reported incidents Eye witness Accounts: From the time that Gibraltar Point was turned into a hostel and more especially since it has become an outreach center, visitors as well as staff have noted occasional odd activity. These consist of such things as doors that shut by themselves, footsteps glaring in the night, and incredibly sharp declines in temperatures. Others say that a tall, gaunt man haunts the grounds — many suspect this figure to be Radelmüller. It is now ground zero for a worshipful confluence of ghost hunters and paranormal enthusiasts who attach themselves like so many barnacles to the haunting legends that swirl as relentlessly in these parts as Kilauea’s lava.

6 Point Amour Lighthouse, Newfoundland and Labrador

The second tallest lighthouse in Canada at 109 feet is located on the southern coast of Labrador, known as Point Amour. – History: The lighthouse was built in the 1850s to help ships navigate through and around Belle Isle (the strait of water it is situated next to). It has been witness to many shipwrecks and tragedies over the years which only adds to its illustrious history.

Ghost sightings: With its long and traumatic history, including many lost lives at sea locally, the Point Amour Lighthouse is believed by some to be haunted. Mainly stories of the spirits from shipwrecks that are said to haunt this lighthouse and its vicinity. The whispering specters are often said to manifest as amorphous masses or disappearing souls shrouded in the attire of yesteryear.

Visitor Accounts: Some visitors to Point Amour Lighthouse have seen ghosts. The events range from unexplained lights in the lighthouse tower to doors that open and close on their own, as well as spooky whispers that appear extraneous. Others have experienced a feeling of being followed by an unseen force as they traversed through the haunted lighthouse. These stories have understandably made Point Amour a desirable destination for enthusiasts of the paranormal.

West Point Lighthouse in Prince Edward Island

Background: West Point Lighthouse sits at the western tip of Prince Edward Island and has a long history of guiding ships along its coastline since 1876. It remains one of the only true lighthouse keepers in Canada you can stay at for a night to experience what life was like actually – living there on that lonely, beautiful point. Now a museum complex, the lighthouse has been serving as popular sightseeing for tourists.

Ghosts: Located in O’Leary, the West Point Lighthouse is famed for its paranormal happenings and is a destination of choice by ghost hunters. The spirit most frequently reported is that of a former keeper who some say still does his rounds in the lighthouse, checking to make sure everything’s okay. From objects inexplicably moving to lights flicking on and off, or even ghostly footsteps – guests have experienced all manner of paranormal activity within its walls.

Guest accommodation: A large number of guests staying overnight at West Point Lighthouse recount tales of ghostly phenomena. As mentioned earlier, doors opening and closing on their own as well as footsteps heard in empty hallways, and sudden temperature changes meant for icy cold temperatures to make the warmest of people shiver. Others have gone on to say they saw the ghost of a lighthouse-keeper, dressed in period attire and fulfilling his responsibilities.

Cape Spear Lighthouse, Newfoundland

Cape Spear Lighthouse, located at the most eastern point of North America near St. John, Newfoundland is also the oldest surviving lighthouses in New Foundland History: This structure has stood strong since 1836, it has seen and been a witness to numerous storms and shipwrecks. The lighthouse was protected as a national historic site in 1962 and you can visit the landmark and explore its history.

Paranormal: Cape Spear Lighthouse is well known for hauntings which locals believed to be the souls of those who had succumbed to dangerous waters nearby. A favorite phantom that has been noted often is related to the former keeper, who supposedly met a tragic end. Legend has it, that his spirit walks the lighthouse to make sure that it is still doing its job.

HAUNTINGS: Ghost stories have circulated among visitors to Cape Spear including sightings of ghostly figures, unexplained noises, and an eerie feeling. Others have told stories about seeing the ghost of an old lighthouse keeper who materializes and vanishes before their eyes. Such stories helped build its reputation as one of the most haunted sites in Newfoundland.

8 Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse, Quebec

History: Built-in 1909, the iconic Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse has been an important aid to navigation for more than a century. Historians would especially enjoy the site which is home to a maritime museum, and not above historical scuba diving: The HMCS Onondaga submarine. The site of several maritime disasters, it is best known for the sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland in 1914 which marked more than 1,000 lives.

Pointe-au-Père — the tragic past of Pointe-au-Père is said to have left spirits behind. Local legend says the lighthouse is haunted by victims of the Empress disaster. Spectral forms and the sound of groaning, weeping, or choking have been reported by visitors.

Eyewitnesses: Several visitors to Pointe-au-Père Lighthouse have witnessed many of the same occurrences. Some of this includes spectral figures seen near the lighthouse and museum, as well as other unexplained sounds like footsteps or voices. There are even accounts of a heavy sadness that has taken over those touring the land, caught on camera as emotional responses to spirits gone too soon.


Canada’s haunted lighthouses are not just ghost stories; they embody a mixture of history, mystery, and the unknown; Discover the walls compelled to speak by a rogue soldier at Fort Henry, and unearth stories of mutiny shared only with weather-worn glass as your witness. A must-visit lighthouse for those interested in the paranormal. Otherworldly ghosts fresh and old walking through time.

Q&A Section

Q: Are these hauntings real? A: It should be pointed out/worth noting that although/though many claim to have spotted paranormal entities at these lighthouses, there is still no proof of ghosts. Historical events, first-hand reports, and the mystique of old buildings have kept these stories alive.

Question: Can I take a trip to any of these lighthouses? Q: So these lighthouses are closed to the general public? Others, like West Point Lighthouse (shown here), have rooms to rent out so visitors can enjoy lighthouse-keeping privileges overnight.

A: Why are lighthouses most frequently thought of as haunted? A: Many lighthouses have tragic histories (shipwrecks, for instance), or keepers who died on the job. In addition, these locations are often remote and desolate which only adds to their eeriness.

Q: How do I get at these hauntings? A: To your point, stay at some of them and visit at night when they are closed as this will be the best time to experience something paranormal. Guests can visit many of these locations firsthand during guided tours, as well as participate in themed special events that delve into the lore of their resident spooks.

A: Are There Any Safety Issues You Need To Be Worried About When Visiting Haunted Lighthouses? Because that will get folks killed… simple. The “peace” of the dead does not trump common sense and respect for those same departed lost souls who probably never intended to haunt their final resting place. Most of these lighthouses are located in rural, rugged areas so ensure your hike and safety equipment is up to scratch.

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