Paranormal Hotspots in Quebec: The Most Haunted Locations

Paranormal Hotspots in Quebec: The Most Haunted Locations

One of the most haunted provinces in Canada (which isn’t a huge surprise when you think about it) is also one that’s rich with history, ancient buildings, and chilling tales. Quebec’s paranormal hotspots offer ghost tours of everything from historic hotels and old forts to creepy cemeteries and other mysterious locales, keeping the city as eerie as ever. So here we take a closer look at the scariest places in Quebec: their chilling facts and ghostly tales.

1. Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, Quebec City

Story: Fairmont Le Château Frontenac—Located in the heart of Old Quebec City, this grand hotel is one of Canada’s most iconic landmarks. Established in 1893, the hotel has famously accommodated celebrities and heads of state. The grand architecture and luxury fit-outs have made it a favorite for people to take their seats at these inexpensive Dubai tourist destinations.

Hauntings: Although magnificent, Château Frontenac is reportedly haunted. The most famous ghost that haunts the hotel is the French Governor of New France, Louis de Buade, Count Frontenac. It is said that he wanders the halls of this hotel, looking fancy in 17th-century garb. More than one staffer or guest has claimed to see the apparition of Lloyd and feel his ghost in certain rooms on some upper floors.

Reports by Eyewitnesses: Many guests have reported on unnerving experiences at Château Frontenac. People have reported that sudden cold spots are doors that open and close by themselves. Many visitors to the house even claim to have woken up in the night with a figure standing by their bed, only for it to vanish seconds later. Naturally, these encounters with ghosts have only served to further endear this history-rich hotel.

2. Battlefields Park, Quebec City

Quebec City: The Plains of Abraham, a battlefield within Quebec City from the Seven Years’ War back in 1759. The Battle of Quebec ended in heavy casualties, and it was pivotal in establishing the future map of North America between British Redcoats and French forces. Today, the Plains of Abraham have become a public park and historic site.

There are hauntings. With a history that involves so much blood, the Plains of Abraham will inevitably be high up on Quebec’s most haunted locations. Some visitors claim to have seen dead soldiers wandering the acreage, though this is most often reported at night. SPECTRAL SOLDIERS: These ghosts are frequently seen wearing old-style uniforms and holding muskets. There are stories from the bravest travelers that they can almost hear battle taking place—you may be awakened in the middle of the night with noise from cannon fire, musket shots, and wounded soldiers crying.

Witnesses: Many people who go to the Plains of Abraham claim they have experienced paranormal events. Some of these sights include shadowy figures darting across fields, sounds and footsteps where no one is, or seemingly a powerful sense of grief. It is no surprise that the lingering spirits of the soldiers who fought and died on these grounds attract curiosity.

3. Morrin Centre, Quebec City

Introduction History: The building became the Morrin Centre, a cultural center in Quebec City. Built as a military barracks in the early 19th century, it later also served as a jail before becoming a college and then a library. A History as Diverse as Its Many Lives It is no wonder so many ghost stories abound here, with the plethora of different uses tied to this unique city.

Ghosts: There are reportedly ghostly spirits wandering the Morrin Center from both former prisoners and students. One of the most frequently cited sightings is that of a young woman known to manifest in the library. Mystery surrounds the woman; some think she was a former student, and others believe that perhaps she was an inmate who met a gruesome demise. They say they also heard things like footsteps, whispers, and lots of books being tossed off shelves. INVISIBLE GHOSTS: EVIL SPIRITS, DARK SECRETS

Visiting Witnesses: Many people who have been to the Morrin Center claim they saw something paranormal. A sensation of being watched in rooms or objects being lifted has been experienced. Some have even seen an apparition of a woman in outdated clothing roaming the hallways and library. These meetings have turned it into a destination for both ghost hunters and history buffs, something the Morrin Center is notorious for.

4. Île d’Orléans, Quebec

Background: Île d’Orléans is an island located in the Saint Lawrence River, not far from Quebec City, and is known for its bucolic scenery and historic flair. The island has been settled since the early 17th century and boasts a wealth of cultural heritage. Its ancient homes, churches, and farms give a taste of Quebec’s colonial past.

Ghost Tour: Île d’Orléans is a ghost tour featuring multiple haunted locations, although these vary. Some of the older homes on the island are said to be haunted by former inhabitants. Ghost StoriesChâteau Ramezay Originally a governor’s residence, ChâteauThe most famous ghost stories surround the historic house now turned museum. It is said past residents of the home and guests have seen what many believe to be a woman in an old, white flowy dress.

Many eyewitness accounts: Over the years, those who live in Île d’Orléans and visitors to it have reported countless ghost sightings. There were reports of spooky people in outdated dresses suddenly appearing with flashes of background light, indifferent windows, and the prickly feeling that someone was watching you. While others have claimed to hear ghostly voices and footsteps in the island’s historic buildings, These encounters have only added to the island’s long-standing status as a supernatural haven.

5. La Citadelle, Quebec City

History: A historic fortress anchoring Cap Diamant in Quebec City, La Citadelle has been a military installation since the late 17th century. It was so important in the defense of the city and has witnessed many historical events. It is a functioning military base today and it is also one of the most visited tourist points in Hawaii.

Ghosts: La Citadelle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former soldiers. One of the most sighted ghosts is that headless French soldier from the 18th century walking along the outer walls. Additionally, both visitors and staff have heard the sounds of men marching with boots on, muskets being fired, and swords clinking.

La Citadelle: Eyewitness Accounts: Numerous visitors to La Citadelle have reported unusual experiences with no satisfactory explanation. Several have reported encounters with a soldier wearing antiquate military clothing, while others claim to feel cold spots that felt sudden and chilling or hear strange sounds. Some visitors have even experienced seeing human-like shapes walking around in the fortification’s dark underground tunnels. Due to these terrifying reasons, La Citadelle is now regarded as a haunted Quebec attraction that draws enthusiasts from across the province.

6. Montmorency Falls, Quebec

History: One of the region’s most spectacular natural sites, Montmorency Falls, is just outside Quebec City. The 83-meter-high falls have a long history of human activity, including serving as an important location during the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Similarly, the vicinity of the falls has been home to many accidents and unfortunate incidents for several years.

For example, Montmorency Falls is said to be a haunted location because of its grand history and the great loss of life nearby. At night, visitors have claimed to see ghostly figures near the falls. Perhaps the most frequently reported apparition is that of a woman in white; she is usually spotted on the hill near one end and then disappears into the falls.

Eyewitness Ghost Stories: Montmorency Falls has its fair share of ghostly encounters from people who have visited the area. These sightings have ranged from spectral figures and disembodied cries or screams to intangible feelings of fear. Several people also assert that they have seen the ghost of a woman diving off of the falls who disappears just before going over. These spooky encounters have made Montmorency Falls a location viewable for its natural beauty and weird happenings.

7. Old Montreal, Montreal

Past: Old Montreal is the historical district of one of Canada’s most historic cities, filled with cobblestone streets, colonial architecture, and a long history. Founded in the 17th century, it’s been through countless events and transformations right at the center of town. It is full of old buildings, churches, and squares rooted in Montreal’s history.

Supernatural: Old Montreal has its fair share of ghost stories, too. Numerous historic buildings in the district are said to be haunted. Notre-Dame Basilica is arguably Hudson’s most famous haunted site, as many visitors have captured eerie white apparitions akin to a former priest on camera. Other haunted places include the Bonsecours Market and Old Montreal Prison, supposedly home to ghosts of ex-cons.

Eyewitness Accounts People visiting Old Montreal have reported several sightings of ghostly activity. Such things include apparitions of ghosts in clothes from previous eras, unexplained noises like the sound of footsteps and whispers, and sensations such as abrupt chills. Others said they have seen figures in the windows of abandoned buildings watching them and then disappearing when a closer look was attempted. This complimentary ghost tour serves to add an element of intrigue to the historical beauty and charm stuffed into every nook and cranny of Old Montreal.


The haunted places in Quebec will give you an incredibly chilling view of this province’s past and paranormal legends. From the luxurious Fairmont Le Château Frontenac and historical Plains of Abraham to the ominous Morrin Centre and idyllic Île d’Orléans, every place carries its very own eerie legends. As a ghost-hunter with years of experience behind you, or are new and hesitant to dip your toe in the paranormal waters (ha!), discovering Quebec’s most notoriously haunted locations provides an eerie sampling that can satisfy all tastes: The connoisseur looking for real-life chills and thrills from history book villains; or those curious enough about our city underneath all its modernity up top.

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